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Welcome to ‘Dommes Live’, the best place to start your sex slave training! We have the hottest and feistiest dominas livestreaming 24/7, always ready to make you their slave for a night and if you’re lucky for a lifetime. If you’re a beginner there’s no need to worry because our site is very easy to use and our mistresses are open-minded professionals worthy of your trust. Here you’ll be welcomed by every dominatrix in her chatroom where you can type for free and establish a connection with your new mistress. Explore your sexuality and experience the real-life sex slave sensation while being completely dominated by the most pissed off dominatrix there is.

6 Categories of Mistresses on Dommes Live

Using our search engine you can fully narrow the list of all mistresses that Dommes Live has to offer and you can narrow it by our next 6 categories:

1) TEENS – Let’s start with our youngest and most eager girls in the Dominatrix biz. Have you ever been dominated by a slut half your age? It’s time because a pussy on a teenage dominatrix is as tight as her whip. Just enter the world of your wildest fantasies here on Dommes Live where the bitchiest teenage Dommes live stream on their webcams 24/7 just for your pain and pleasure.

2) MILFS – Now we’re talking about real women who know just the right way to humiliate you and make you their sex slave for a night. Milf mistresses use their kinky toys and their frightening loud screams to submit you and inflict some boner-awaking pain. They will tie you up so tight you’ll never want to get free.

3) Mature – In this category, we have granny nominated grannies, well-preserved wives, horny cougars and so on. These are lifelong trained dominas in the art of BDSM. If you misbehave on your slave training under the guidance of our mature dominatrix, then you’re in big troubles, young slave. These women have all the experience in the world and they know just the right punishment you deserve!

4) Brunettes – Many say brunettes are the smartest girls, but we say brunettes are the kinkiest mistresses you’ll ever meet. Besides not having any limits to their dominatrix ways, these Dominas even through their chatrooms give away a strong sense of trust and professionalism that you love to see from your pissed off alpha females.

5) Blondes – Everyone has a fantasy about blondes, they just wanna have fun, but Dominatrix blondes love having fun with their slaves. They have anger-management issues and they will burst out at you. In no time you’ll be submitted and worshipping by your chosen sweet yet scary blonde dominatrix.

6) Redheads – There’s no where to run when our dominatrix redheads get a hold of you. Your only escape is a private chat where you can continue your slave training 1 on 1 with a wild ginger mistress who aims to discipline you until you’re all red and abused in every possible way.

Whoever you choose to be your sex master we wish you a good luck (you’ll need it) and plenty of fun, pain and pleasures!

Free Registration and Bonus Features

To register and signup on ‘Dommes Live’ is very simple and completely free. All you need is to come up with your username and password and you’re done! Simple as that. But there is more great news. If you enter your email address you will get special access to amazing new features. For example, you could ask for notifications every time your favorite mistresses are online, therefore you can just jump on your pc at the beginning of her livestream and maybe even get her full attention in your personal private chatroom where things can go a little too crazy and too good.

There are even more great features you’ll unlock by signing up on ‘Dommes Live’ and we’ll mention just a few of them:

- Unlimited free chat – Allows you to chat with your favorite mistresses and friends online as long as you wish.

- Different fonts - To make your messages easily distinguished from others, the Domme will know exactly who you are when she sees your special font.

- Emojicons – Express yourself in style. A picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much humiliation can you sum up into 5 emojicons.

- Private Chat – Now we’re talking some serious slave training! You can pay per minute for a private chatroom with the Dominatrix you’ve chosen. You can turn on your own webcam so your Dominatrix can see and hear you. This will make your sex slave experience an unforgettable one for sure.

- Group Private Chat – If you want to share your humiliation with another group of people, you can have a unique experience that lasts much longer for the same amount of money. Basically, the group of people would be paying together for a group session under the wing of one authoritative dominatrix.

- VR (Virtual Reality) Technology – In some private chats you can even plug in your VR headset and experience a real-life slave training sensation. It’ll seem like you and your dominatrix are in the same room and it’ll feel like she’s really touching you. This is a futuristic BDSM must-try for every true sex slave out there!

- Broadcasting Yourself – You can turn your webcam on and submit to multiple women. Become a sex slave by pleasuring numerous mean girls through your humiliation and pain.

Broadcasting Yourself for Free

To broadcast your own dominatrix live stream takes no more than just a simple signup. Enter your username and password and you are ready to start your global domination. Every day you’ll have new sex slaves to abuse and humiliate. Ain’t life grand? Plug in your web cam and start your dominatrix adventure full pain and pleasures. Do you have what it takes to become a mean yet much-beloved mistress of the world? Start training your sex slaves today and find out!

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